Submit your Pet’s Cute Photo in a Pet-Friendly Place!

Do you have a photo of your pet in a pet-friendly place other than your home? If you do, we’d love to feature them in our site! Remember, the photo needs to be taken in a pet-friendly place where your pet was really welcome (and not sneaked in!).

You can submit your Pet’s Photo through different ways:

Email us at certifiedpetfriendly(at)gmail(dot)com

Upload your photo to our Facebook page.

Tag our Facebook page (make sure you like Certified Pet-Friendly first!) on your pet’s photo already uploaded in your Facebook album. Please be sure to indicate your pet’s name and where the photo was taken in the Description area.

Tag us on Twitpic or Instagram using the #petfriendlyphils hashtag.

Or, you can use the form below 🙂

Please note that photos taken in your home and in a studio setting do not count! The photos you’ll submit needs to be taken in pet-friendly places in the Philippines!

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