Aww-mazing Sunday with Hill’s Science Diet

Last Sunday had us trooping to Tahanan Village in Paranaque for the first leg of Science Diet’s Aww-mazing Day Pet and Owner Dog Camp. What we thought was going to be a small pet meet-up was so much more. The first things that greeted us upon arrival were dogs. Loads and loads of dogs. From large, regal labradors and huskies, to little primped up chihuahuas and mini pinschers, to gregarious, lovable Aspins, it felt like a parade of nations, featuring dogs.

PAWs talks about responsible pet ownership.

After registration, all doggie participants were given a stub with six empty paws. The paws correspond to various stations, including one for anti-rabies vaccinations, nail clipping and ear cleaning, vet consultations, and a photo booth. Each station gets you a stamp on your card, and once you have three stamps, you and your doggie get included in a raffle for goodie bags from Science Diet Dog Food! Definitely a great deal considering that everything’s free.

Aside from the doggie care and activity stations, dog owners could also watch an informative program that featured short talks on proper doggie care, responsible pet ownership, and training. Celebrity and model Daniel Matsunaga also dropped to host parlor games, together with his gorgeous dogs.

A small doggie goes for a leap along the agility course

In the middle of the program, we were all invited to move to the open field where an agility course was set up. There, various doggies took to the field, facing all sorts of tests that challenged their agility, intelligence and obedience. It was particularly interesting to see small doggies enthusiastically rise to the same challenges the larger breeds were hurdling.

Doggies getting ready for the Bone Hunt!

The day’s final activity was the bone hunt. Think easter egg hunting, only with doggies and bones. Participating dogs and their owners were tasked to sniff out neon-colored plastic bones laced with enticing scents. Bones had different values. After a set time period, points were tallied and the top three scorers brought home bags upon bags of more Science Diet Dog Food. That’s one prize the fur-babies will surely enjoy.

Of course, no party’s complete with goodie bags, so all the participating dogs brought home bags of treats, all courtesy of Science Diet. Not only did our dogs get to have a fun day, they even got to bring some of the fun home with them.

Getting to know you is one of the best parts of the day.

Sounds like fun? Don’t miss the second leg of the Aww-Mazing Day! then. Drop by the San Lorenzo Village Clubhouse and Open Field in Makati on June 30, 2012 from 3 to 6pm for an afternoon of fun your dog’s sure to love.

Posted on Tuesday, 26 June 2012 at 5:44 pm

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