About Us

Certified Pet-Friendly is a community-driven website where Pinoy pet owners can share their pet-friendly experiences in the Philippines. After all, who’s better to talk about this than us pet owners!

Why this website?
Simple: we want a place on the web where Filipinos can easily find information from fellow pet owners on pet-friendly places, establishments, and businesses.

Who are we?
Certified Pet-Friendly is part of the Arf Arf Network, a project of Intuitiv Solutions Inc. However, writers and photo contributors retain copyright to their work. This website is simply a venue for pet owners to share their pet-friendly experiences.

Meet our writers
These are the folks behind the feature and blog articles you read! 🙂 If you want to be part of our team, click here!

Gail is the site admin of Certified Pet-Friendly. She is a web designer by profession, but on the side, she's a blogger and a personal dog-walker of four Shih Tzus and two Aspins. The family's green turtle occasionally demands for her attention. Having grown up in an artistic and pet-loving family, Gail's advocacy is to encourage responsible pet ownership and animal welfare through online means.

Kaoko is the proud mommy to a miniature red poodle named Cooper. When she's not doggysitting (aka showering Cooper with smooshes), she writes and plays with dolls.

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